Entitlement Ideology

Exaggerated “entitlement” provides a belief system and a renewed sense of omnipotence that asserts that the large group has a right to own what they wish to have.

-Vamik Volkan (Massive Trauma)


Introduction by Kaley Pillinger

Entitlement Ideology is the belief–erroneous or otherwise–that one’s large group is deserving of some sort of special treatment. Entitlement Ideology can be applied by oppressors, in the case of Nazi exceptionalism or the Islamic State’s believed right to the Middle East, or by the oppressed, as in the case of African Americans’ demand for reparations for slavery. Students’ reflections on Entitlement Ideology in this chapter discuss both sides of that coin.



Biphobia in the Gay Community

Maria Molloy writes about the invalidation she has felt from the gay community for being a bisexual woman and how she feels entitled to an equal level of respect for her sexuality.

Work is Work

In her essay about wages for housework, Ria Modak argues that women are entitled to salaries for housework.

On White Supremacy and Dylann Roof

Irene Brogdon writes about the harms of Entitlement Ideology and the implications of oppressors acting on their supposed entitlement.