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Dr. Volkan was born on the island of Cyprus in 1932. When he was a child Cyprus was a British colony. World War II started when he was seven years old. During his childhood he witnessed the island being bombed by German and Italian war planes. It was expected that The Nazi Germany would conquer the island. He sensed his parents’ anxiety. His family dug a bomb shelter in their garden. When alarms went off, day or night, rain or shine, his parents, sisters and he would take refuge there until the all-clear sounded to tell them that the danger was past.

Interethnic conflict between Cypriot Greeks and Cypriot Turks were inflamed in late 1950s. Dr. Volkan, as a newly graduated young physician, came to the USA at the beginning of 1957. Some months after his arrival in America his former roommate in Ankara -where he was studying medicine- who was like a brother to him went to the island to visit his ailing mother. His friend was shot by a Cypriot Greek terrorist. His friend’s murder and his living in America freely while his family members were suffering on the island induced “survivor guilt” and difficulties in mourning in him.

After moving to America, he trained in psychiatry and psychoanalysis, and became a Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Virginia and a Training and Supervising Analyst at the Washington Psychoanalytic Institute. He sublimated his guilt feeling and difficulty in mourning by doing research on grief and mourning and, when an opportunity arose midway through his career, studying many conflicted areas of the world. He established the Center for the Study of Mind and Human Interaction at the University of Virginia Medical School, and he began to consult on the international level. He became an expert in the relationship between the human mind, history and politics. He developed many theories about the nature of large group conflict and war and described psychoanalytically informed unofficial diplomacy methods. He wrote many books on these topics. He established the International Dialogue Initiative in 2007, and he was nominated for a Nobel Peace on multiple occasions.


Books by Dr. Volkan

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